Kat and Mike’s St Andrews wedding photographer

As a St Andrews wedding photographer, St Salvators chapel is one of my favourite buildings. Kat and Mike got married in the magnificent chapel and after some formal family photographs there, the guests made their way to the Drumoig Golf Hotel.
This was not a venue I’d been to before – but that was because they don’t really host weddings. They’d made an exception for Kat and Mike though – because her Dad had developed and built the whole place!
As he told me “21 years ago this was a barley field.” You certainly wouldn’t know if you weren’t told! And it provided some lovely locations for the photos of the two of them. And since they had connections, their two dogs were also allowed to make an appearance – in person as well as on the wedding cake.
Hilarious speeches were followed by an evening of dancing and partying….

Sarah and Kilian’s St Andrews wedding

The weather is always important at a wedding – it dictates so much of the planning and logistics. I have a total of six weather apps on my iPhone….
Yet none of them predicted the weather at Sarah and Kilian’s St Andrews wedding. Sunshine for the bride’s arrival, raining immediately after the ceremony, sunshine again on the beach then threatening black clouds rushing towards us!
We all managed to avoid getting wet though – I have found that it very rarely rains for the whole day if you’re on the east coast of Scotland!
Sarah’s parents were also married in the magnificent St Salvator’s chapel, and her father mentioned that the last time he’d been in the Lower College Hall was to sit his finals…. And here he was giving a speech at his daughter’s wedding!