Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer in Scotland and Ireland

As well as being a Scotland wedding photographer, I am also a destination wedding photographer. I have photographed weddings in France, Italy, Sweden and The Bahamas, and last year it was Ireland’s turn.

When I first heard about Jamie and Justin’s wedding I had to enlist the help of Google maps. It turns out that Ballyvaughan is a small town on the west coast of Ireland, half way between Shannon and Galway. They and most of their guests stayed at Gregans Castle Hotel and the ceremony would be in Newtown Castle. a rather unique 16th century tower house.

All of the guests flew in from the United States (where I had first met Albert, their Best Man) and the wedding weekend was three days of celebrating and partying as everyone made the most of the long journey!

Newtown Castle’s unique shape – a cylinder rising from a pyramidical base – and the number of guests, meant that for the first time I photographed a wedding from almost directly above, as the guests were split between two floors. I spent the ceremony quietly stepping up and down a steep circular staircase between the floors to get the best angles!

Amazingly, the weather on the west coast of Ireland was kind to us. Apparently October is one of the drier months in that area, and the sun came out just before the ceremony and stayed out all day. So I took Jamie and Justin for a short walk after the ceremony, allowing them to finally have a chat with each other as a married couple, away from their guests. I caught Justin looking at the ring on his finger – from experience I can tell you that it really does feel odd when you first start wearing a ring and I am always on the look out for a reaction to it.

From their we made our way back to the hotel and more photos in the splendid grounds with their autumn colours.

And then the party began – with laughter, drinks and cigars outside, and later some emotional speeches and some rather crazy dancing into the small hours.

There was one other aspect to the wedding that was unique for me. When Albert, the Best Man, told me his role at the wedding of his two friends I rather cheekily asked if they had booked a wedding photographer yet. Not only had they not got a wedding photographer, Albert hadn’t yet got them a wedding present. So this was the first wedding I have photographed where I was also a wedding present!



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