Wedding Collages influenced by David Hockney

In the early 1980’s David Hockney produced some stunning collages, made from loads of photographic prints from a simple compact camera. I’ve always admired them, and last year decided to see if I could produce my own version using digital files and Photoshop.
Back in 1982, I believe that Hockney would re-arrange his 6×4 inch prints as he wanted, and then re-photograph them to produce a single image.
In 2013, I photographed many ‘sections’ of the same scene, and then using Photoshop Elements (and with much experimentation) let the software assemble up to 30 plus images. There was always room for a few changes to be made once the software had finished, but the amount of additional work was minimal. The result was some unusual wedding photographs.
I’m very aware that these photographs are like Marmite – you’ll either love them or hate them! I’m happy to report that most of last years brides wanted them included in their album…..
I also think that they’re not just ‘different’. Wheen they really work (such as the panoramic outdoor weddings) they produce an atmosphere very different from a photograph taken with an extreme wide angle lens.
What do you think?

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